Laughter, Clowning and World Wellness

Workshop in the Belgian Countryside!

Clowns from ClownZero Workshop: Thailand at the Panya Project.

Clowns from ClownZero Workshop: Thailand at the Panya Project.

ClownZero is offering a 5-day workshop in the transformative and healing art of Clown.

This course will delve into specific aspects of imaginative play, improvisation, physical performance and humor encouraging   participants into the realm of clowning.

Therapeutic clowning can be an intimate moment of compassionate and empathetic play between you and another, or it can be a way to share an enlightened moment with a group or an entire community.

Working and playing among many different groups of people, we have found that the true skill of the clown is in communicating with everyone and everything with equal joy and resilience.

Our goal is to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary and empower people to create their own realities while bringing laughter and delight to those around us.

We want to encourage and generate through this workshop “lifelong agents of play” who can easily enter a difficult or unknown situation or environment with a sense of openness, resilience, wonder, and honesty.

This workshop will be a five-day intensive training in therapeutic clowning culminating in a visit to local organizations in need.

What participants are saying about our Clowning Workshops:

This clown camp for me was very meditative. More than I ever expected. It’s very therapeutic to be able to face your stupid self-judged self that you don’t want to see. This workshop really invites and supports you to get in touch with that.

-Chanin Chier (Thailand)

The challenges that I overcame allowing my inner clown to fully express himself have had a direct impact on my ability (as my non-clown self) to express myself and be outward in my everyday life.  I have grown more authentic, spontaneous, and joyful in my response to day to day stimuli.

-Christian Shearer (US)

Every activity pushed my limits of self-belief and I learnt true, meaningful lessons about myself my boundaries, my spontaneity, and the level of conformity I have developed since childhood. I felt stimulated, engrossed, energized and delighted by the spontaneity and inspiration continually provided by my instructors and my fellow trainee clowns.

-Toni Robinson (Australia)

I can’t wait to have the opportunity to take another workshop with the clowns of ClownZero!  Outrageous fun.

-Taiga Marthens (US)


This intensive will be held in Jodoigne, Belgium at La Ferme du Bois St Servais (Lathuy Farm)

432 chaussée de Wavre, 1370 Jodoigne Belgium


Workshop Participants will arrive on the evening of the 27th of August (Tuesday) starting @6pm. Workshop will end on Sunday Sept 1st in the Afternoon.

Accomodation: Camping and parking for camper vans

Organic meals starting on Aug 29th included in cost of workshop!

What to bring (basic list):

Tent or Camper Van

Camping gear

Clothes for physical activity: i.e. dance wear, neutral colors

Good shoes for walking and/or rain


Rain coat/boots

How Much:

This workshop is offered for a sliding scale fee of $450-530 US dollars OR $340-$400 Euros.

A deposit of $180 is required to secure a place in the workshop

(The cost of the workshop does not include travel)

To Sign up for this workshop or for more information please contact





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