ClownZero to host Israeli Medical Clown Delegation at UCSF

On November 18th, two visiting clown doctors from Israel will join ClownZero clowns in visiting UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.
The delegation of Israeli clowns is visiting the Bay Area to educate local staff in hospitals, future doctors and Clowns on innovative models that were created in Israel. These two models are known as “The Umbrella Concept” and “The Gelology Model.
The former was created by Alina Ashbal, a performing artist and teacher.The aim is to create an emotional transformation that can help the child face difficult moments during the period of hospitalization. As the performance evolves, the reality of the hospital is transformed by a gentle touch of magic. Each umbrella, when opened, reveals an imaginary landscape full of surprises.
The latter model was developed by Vally Kulas, Director of “Good Laugh,” the Israeli Association of Gelology and Medical Clowning. The aim is to create a renewed connection with our healthy faces, to enable each and every person to begin a journey back to the “starting point”- the moment we arrived in this world with a clean and pure decision-making process, back to our ability to see through “clean” eyes.

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